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Too often the Internet gets bombarded with poorly designed websites and graphics. These eyesores have become so common that they are almost expected in our online experiences. Expected should never be confused with accepted.

Graphixture Studios has over 15 years of experience in website design and development. We have the ability and knowledge to make your website stand out among the rest and can help you dramatically increase traffic to your site, boost sales, and grab the attention of prospective clients. Here are a few of the many services we offer:

Custom Website Design
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Custom Websites

Reasons to Invest in a Website  

Reasons to Invest in a Website

Although there are numerous reasons to have a website, here are five of the most compelling reasons.

Visibility: Probably the most common use for websites is to share information to others - either externally or internally - and to communicate your message.

Reach: A website allows your business to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A website also allows you to attract new customers from all parts of the world.

Credibility: Having a professional website with the right content, easy navigation, and fast access to contact, greatly increases customer confidence.

Referrals: A website address is much easier to remember than a phone number, so it stands to reason that having a website increases the chance of referrals.

Savings: Instead of spending money on brochures, catalogues, product overviews, you can save money over time by directing customers to your website.


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Social Media

It’s amazing how fast the world of social media moves. The days of wondering if social media is a viable or responsible advertising strategy are long gone. The question now is how to optimize engagement and create a beneficial strategy. This has created a whole new set of challenges.

Privacy: This is perhaps the most important issue facing social media. If you don’t get the privacy aspects right, your organization is going to suffer.

Honesty: You’ll also need to be honest in your operations. If you aren’t, you’ll have problems building trust, and a lack of trust can lead to a lack of customers.

Integration: Comapnies often find it difficult to integrate social media in their normal operations. Being a ‘social business’ impacts nearly every function of a business.

Relationships: It’s important for businesses to be able to maintain a healthy relationship with their users. Relationships are more valuable than any one-time sale.

Diversity: Social media is borderless. As a business, you can interact with people from different geographies, cultures, religions and ethnicities.


If you experiencing any of these problems, let us help.


Social Media

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